Media Mendacity

By Petra McCord If a year ago you had somehow felt compelled to wager a sizeable dollar amount on Donald Trump capturing the Republican presidential nomination, presumptuous compatriots would have been all too eager to point out that your odds of winning would increase exponentially were you to instead hop on a plane to Las… More Media Mendacity

Bad Policies for American Children Part 1

By Ladisa Onyiliogwu I recently read a story about a new border surge due to the expansion of the CAM program which now brings in more illegal immigrants as refugees and parolees. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website, The Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee/Parole Program provides certain qualified children in El Salvador,… More Bad Policies for American Children Part 1


By Milt Thomas First, let’s not ignore the Elephant, or rather, the Donkey In The Living Room. As if Hillary’s use a private email server is not bad enough, there is more to consider about Hillary Clinton’s bodacious motives, here, which appear to have eluded the brightest of investigative minds.  Transparency and her intent to… More HILLARY CLINTON:  AMERICA’S MOST GILDED