Righteous Hate?

by Jeff Weak of Your Voice Your Ad Righteous hate? Is there such a thing? I recently read a blog post by Jack Schafer, PhD, on the Psychology Today blog site. The article from 2011 was titled, “The Seven Stage Hate Model: The Psychopathology of Hate. (Not all insecure people are haters, but all haters … More Righteous Hate?

The Right of Civility

By Ladisa Onyiliogwu Every professional and accomplished person in my world as a child was a Black American. I knew of hard-working people, professors, doctors, architects, pastors, university chancellors, etc.  It was only natural that I revered these individuals and looked to them for inspiration. From my point of view, these adults were the reality … More The Right of Civility

The McCain Mutiny

By Milt Thomas Once Senator Mitch McConnell finally was able to negotiate bringing the Senate Healthcare Bill to a Senate Vote, the honorable (lower, lower-case “h” would be more appropriate) Senator John Sidney McCain did what none of us could have expected, despite his well-heeled “maverick” brand.  In a stunning move past Center…LEFT…he brazenly cast … More The McCain Mutiny

Will you listen to me, if I listen to you?

By Jeff Weak with Jennifer H. You can be a Republican you know. Well, it’s no longer election time.  The dust has settled and it’s time to see what happens in Washington DC.  Of course, you’ll remain a Democrat because……………..why was that again? You don’t like Trump. Is that it? If you’re a lifelong Democrat, … More Will you listen to me, if I listen to you?

We Believe

By Ladisa Onyiliogwu   There is a beautiful hymn sung by churches throughout this country entitled “Because We Believe” by Don Moen.  The song succinctly establishes the values, beliefs and principles for Christians using nine “We believe” statements.  It begins with the Trinity and continues with “We Believe” statements about the virgin birth all the … More We Believe